The College and Career Center at Cape Coral High School is located in the IB Office and is an information center where information is collected and sent to you about Colleges, Careers, and Scholarships by email or you can stop by to pick up information. Cape Coral High School is committed to helping students find the resources that will give them the ability to further their education. If you are interested in receiving information on Colleges, Scholarships, and Careers please e-mail Mrs. Van Horn at [email protected] and type "College and Career" in the subject line. The College Career Center also keeps a Google calendar (click here for calendar) and updates it daily, this is your best source of College and Career Information. If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the IB Office or call 239-574-6766 ext. 352.

Useful forms and resources:

Guide to Online Colleges

Guide to Student Loans

For information on college costs and financial aid, please click here to view article.