Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions are programs that allow high school students to take college courses while also earning high school credit toward graduation. Typically, this program is offered during the senior year of high school.

However, at Cape Coral High School, we begin educating and qualifying students as early as the second semester of their freshmen year. It is our goal for students to maximize their academic potential, and Dual Enrollment classes play a vital part in that.

A minimum grade point average (GPA) and an ACT, SAT, or PERT college entrance test score is required in order to qualify and participate. More information can be obtained through the guidance office at Cape High.

The Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions programs allow academically qualified high school students to take courses offered by Edison State College or Florida Gulf Coast University tuition-free.

These programs also cover the cost of textbooks. In addition to earning free college credits through Dual Enrollment courses, students may also earn college credits by passing Advanced Placement and IB exams at Cape High, as well as earning an IB diploma.