The International Business academy prepares students for careers in business, management, and administration. Through coursework in this academy, students are exposed to the study of organizational structures, business management, entrepreneurship, human relations, cross-cultural communications, leadership, marketing, business law, legal agreements, banking and finance, and e-commerce.

This academy represents a progressive and researched-based effort to enhance the learning opportunities for high school students. The staff prides itself on the academically-rich, standards-based curriculum offered to all students. The forward-thinking and resourceful staff works tirelessly to prepare students for a seamless transition to post-secondary education or work.

Students participating in this academy learn banking and finance skills through the Hawk’s Branch, which is affiliated with Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union but located within the school store at Cape Coral High School. Students learn how to execute basic banking transactions as well as finance principles. In addition, students in the International Business academy sharpen their entrepreneurial skills by operating and managing the school store inside Cape High known as the Hawk’s Corner.