JROTC is the culmination of a group of very diverse students interested in bettering themselves and their community. The ultimate goal is to create a brighter future for our cadets. Our cadets strive to become the apex of the community through these values, character, personal/social responsibility, student achievement, fitness, leadership, teamwork, selfless service to the community and others, American heritage and our history.

Our mission statement is to motivate young people to be better citizens. We offer a multitude of activities and clubs for our cadets throughout the year. We offer the student the option to go to many trips to places like Busch Gardens, Universal Islands of Adventure, and the JROTC Ball. The clubs’ that we offer are Raiders, Marksmanship, Honor Guard, Drill, Color Guard, Academic Team, Exhibition.

JROTC has four well respected and highly-regarded instructors:   Sergeant First Class James Howarth,  Sergant Major John Humphries,  Lieutenant Colonel Richard Livingston, and Sergent First Class William Simmons.  

Upcoming Events

Nov.1  - All Uniform day

Nov.9  - Veteran Ceremony at CCHS

Nov.10 - Color Guard Ceremony

Nov.10 - 

Nov.11 - Veterans Day Parade (in JROTC room by 8:15 A.M.)

Nov.20 - 

Nov.28 - 

Nov.29 - Uniform wear day

Dec.6   - Uniform wear day