On Saturday (April 1, 2017), four band students traveled to Pompano Beach High School in Ft. Lauderdale to perform at the State Solo and Ensemble festival.  They each had the opportunity to perform a 7 minute piece for a judge and receive critique and ratings similar to our Band MPA’s.  They did a Fantastic job and I was so proud of them, that they all supported each other by going in the judges rooms and watching the performances.  Here is a summary.  The highest grade level of music is a 7 – which is essentially collegiate level music.


Danyel Lawston (10) – Grade 5 Alto saxophone – Superior with Distinction (memorized)

Cory Petter (10) – Grade 6 Mallets – Superior with Distinction (his piece is a 9 minute piece, played by memory)

Maddy Aubuchon (11) – Grade 6 Flute – Superior – Very tough judge who is the head flute professor at UCF

Emily VanDyke (11) – Grade 6 Flute – Superior – Same judge as Maddy.