TV production includes the history of television broadcasting and provides students with the entry-level knowledge of script writing, video and audio recording and editing, and equipment functionality. Students participating in TV production learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro software and have the opportunity to earn industry certification in that software.

The television production course stresses the importance of teamwork. Through a variety of video projects the student will be able to list and perform the duties of the key positions in a television studio through a realistic hands-on team environment. From pre-production, to production, through postproduction, some of the roles the student will demonstrate are as follows: script writer, storyboard designer, performer, anchor, camera operator, floor manager, audio director, teleprompter, technical director, assistant technical director, graphic designer, editor, director, and producer.

Students who seek to make television a career will have the opportunity to continue their studies beyond the first year. Those students will provide the peer guidance and training for the younger students and lend continuity to the team approach.

The advanced TV production classes produce the Hawk news program live each morning. Additionally, the advanced TV production students participate in various regional and state competitions and have been recognized for their abilities.