Dignity Closet

Welcome to the Dignity Closet!

Located in the art hallway, the Dignity Closet is a safe space for any students to have access to clothing and other supplies that we can provide through carefully stewarded donations. The Dignity Closet is a student-run not-for-profit organization in our school that is committed to providing students in need (at CCHS). We primarily collect clothes as well as school supplies, bedsheets, and hygiene products. We work collaboratively to effectively improve upon the closet to provide the safest and most efficient space for students to use comfortably. If you would like to donate gently used clothes or products appropriate for high school students, please contact the club President Nicole Chang at nicomei2048@gmail.com.

To use the closet, students must reach out to their guidance counselor or school social worker in order to schedule an appointment to visit the closet sometime after school. As it is our mission to maintain anonymity, only the student and administrative staff will know about these visits. During these visits, students may acquire any clothing, supplies, and any other products available within the closet space and cabinets to suit their needs, though we ask that any tried-on clothes that are not to be taken be hung on our return rack.

At the end of the day our sole purpose within the closet is to provide every student with the same opportunities no matter their circumstance or economic background. 


"Want to help us run our program? Take a look at our Amazon Wish List! On our list, we have items that will help us keep the club running and products that we lack in the closet. Simply purchase a product off our list and ship it to our school 2300 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33991. All donations are greatly appreciated!" 

Please fill out the according Google Form to start your appointment process with your corresponding Guidance Counselor (assigned by last name initial) or Social Worker 

Guidance Counselors

A-F (Ms. Catherine A. Drake)



G-O (Ms. Sharli Schwing)



P-Z (Mrs. Rachel Grundl)



IB Students  (Mrs. Leslie Robillard)



Social Worker

Ms. Therese Edwards (all students)



President Nicole Chang leading the reorganization of the Dignity Closet

Secretary Cesare Fiallos and President Nicole Chang taking inventory of the closet

Dignity Closet club members rotating meetings to help maintain cleanliness and organization of the Dignity Closet


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